The To Do List

With this To Do list, you can have your entire week displayed before your eyes-- including Sundays! Why do other lists always leave Sunday off? I still have things to do that day...

There is also a section for all the “stuff” you need to do, but don’t know exactly when you’ll get it done, a shopping list for all those items you’ll forget if you didn’t write them down, and of course, the doodle spot for mindful wandering. Also included is a space to write an overall theme for the day-- normally for a holiday or someone’s birthday, but you can get creative. Life is more fun that way. And, there are enough pages to last you an entire year! (minus 2-weeks vacation...)

8.5 x 11 / 50 sheets

$8.95 - SOLD OUT

The Muti-Store Shopping List

Have you ever tried to go shopping with the average shopping list? Two problems:

  1. A.Between shopping organic, bulk, and specialty, you never get all you need at one store. This makes having one list confusing and almost impossible to keep up with.

  2. B.When all of the items are jumbled together, it’s hard to remember what you bought where and if you already got it. There’s always something you end up forgetting.

This list solves all of that. With space to list what you plan to buy at each separate store, along with perforations to tear off only the section you need to bring inside one store at a time, you have now got a shopping list you can actually use. Simple.

5.5 x 8.5 / 50 sheets

Buy this list - $7.95

The Man List

This notepad is a twist on the classic Honey-Do list. It not only provides sections for priorities, but gives you a space at the bottom to encourage your favorite someone with a special note, picture, quote or anything really-- you could even tape a Home Depot gift card in that spot. Now that would get him moving, right?

5.5 x 8.5 / 50 sheets

Buy this list - $7.95

The Study List

For the student who needs a little organization, try this list on for size. Fill out the top half with all of your classes for the entire semester along with any friends you can study with. Then use the notepad below as a weekly overview of everything you need to read, write or do-- along with tests and project due dates.

There are enough sheets for the whole semester! So, technically, you could flip through and fill out the entire class schedule at once. Then you would really be on top of things! Also comes with holes to fit in your 3-ring binder or folder. Perfect.

11 x 8.5 / 20 sheets

Buy this list - $8.95

**NEW** Add a magnetic back to your list for just .45 cents!

The Packing List

Get ready for your next getaway with this fun packing list! Perfect for the traveler that doesn’t like to forget anything, there is a place for it all including different ideas for different travel destinations. There is also space to add your own special items.

5.5 x 8.5 / 50 sheets